Cartel Coins Generator – SWTOR Hack

Cartel Coins Generator


With Cartel Coins Generator can generate up to 5500 points at a time!

We have worked hard to be able to create this program!

We have added new features!
You can use private VPNRandom Proxy chosen by the system or Custom proxy to run the tool in the safest way possible.

You can find a list of proxy  here:

Compatible with: Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8

We’ll try to keep updated Cartel Coins Generator for you!

With Cartel Coins Generator you don’t ever spend a penny!

Created and developed by a team of more specialized in the field of programming of Bots and Hack

We have limited the number of Cartel Coins in 5500 which is also the limit in shop. This is to keep the invisible process the checks carried out on the server.

Do not run Cartel Coins Generator several times a day.
And ‘advisable to charge a maximum of 1100 Cartel coins per day to avoid arousing suspicion.
You can create a new account to test this tool for security!
Don’t sell this tool!

Can’t download? How to Download


Video Tutorial:

One thought on “Cartel Coins Generator – SWTOR Hack

  1. Mat

    Work perfectly guys! Thank you admin for this product! 😀

    Download it, and ENJOY IT!

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